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digital marketing course

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing gives the immediate results, helps in Brand development, Higher Exposure as well as Higher Engagement of Audiences, Digital Marketing is good for all the stages of field and quick Publicity as we can take the help of the real time Analytics which will help us to find out instantly that the is working for you or not.Digital Marketing includes Platform like Social media, Business network sites, promotional ads, Paid Popups and Blogs etc.

What is digital marketing

Digital marketing is the use of digital technology such as the internet, mobile devices, and sensors to reach a customer base in order to increase brand visibility and sales. Digital marketing allows a business or organisation to develop or enhance their knowledge of its target market. The goal is not just to show awareness to the company's potential customers, but also engage with consumers on an interpersonal level by using interactive techniques such as using surveys and polls, which allow individuals to share responses in real-time among other mechanisms that provide instant feedback.

Social media marketing

Connecting with your audience through social media platforms is known as social media marketing. It is done to strengthen your brand, boost sales, and drive more people to your website. In order to do this, you need to provide compelling material to your social media sites, interact with your followers, analyse your data, and execute social media ads .Social media marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be as easy as publishing content on your Facebook page and watching the traffic roll in. If you want to take your social media marketing strategy to the next level, though, here are some tips for improving your results.

Social Media Platforms

Here are Various types of social media platforms.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) seeks to increase the number of people who visit a website by making search engine results more relevant to their needs. SEM includes paid, earned and owned media. In general, professional SEM tactics are aimed at increasing traffic to a site, capturing visitors’ attention and bringing them back to the site for future transactions. The goal of SEM is to generate more qualified traffic to the site, and ultimately increase conversions. SEM is a great way to get your brand out there and attract new customers who may not have heard of your business before.

Search engine Optimization

SEO is the process of optimising content for search engines, which includes creating a unique title tag and description for your site. The SEO page description or meta description is described as search engine friendly text, which is shown on the search results page when someone searches for something relevant to your business. The meta description is one of the first things a user sees on a search engine results page, and it has the ability to influence whether or not the user clicks through to your site. A poorly written meta description can have a negative impact on SEO, as well as user experience. There Are Two Part Of SEO 1st Is On Page SEO And 2nd Is Off Page SEO.


On-page SEO (also known as on-site optimization) is the process of creating, editing, and managing the content of websites. On-page SEO refers to all elements of your website including meta tags, images, and text. The purpose of on-page SEO is to help search engines (like Google, bing, yahoo etc.) understand your content and how it relates to the keywords you’re targeting. When someone searches for a specific keyword, Google will return a list of websites that are relevant to that term. The higher ranked your website appears in this list, the more traffic it can receive from users who are looking for information related to your business.

Off-page SEO

Off-Page SEO refers to all efforts made outside of a website, including email marketing campaigns and social media posts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, ETC. The goal of off-page SEO is to get links from other websites, which will increase your search engine ranking. The more relevant and authoritative the sites that link back to you, the better. Off-page SEO is the most effective way to increase rankings and get more traffic. The idea behind off-page SEO is that by increasing your link popularity, you’ll be able to build up your inbound links and social signals.


WordPress is a free, open-source website creation platform that powers more than 30% of the internet. WordPress uses a MySQL database to store content and is written in PHP. The easiest and most powerful blogging and website builder in existence today. WordPress is used by millions of people and works with any theme or plugin. It’s easy to setup, customize, and manage. With WordPress, you can create a website, blog, eCommerce store, or anything else. The possibilities are endless.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console makes it easy to see how well your site ranks in Google Search results. It offers a wide range of tools and features, including: A sitemap that displays structured data and metadata about your site's pages; Noteworthy, which helps you optimize your listing in Google Search results; The crawl budget, which lets you manage the crawl budget that Google uses to access your site; The ability to get traffic reports to gauge the success of individual pages on your site; And more. It's a great tool that every web developer should use.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service that collects data about the activity on your website, your mobile apps and other websites. You can view analytics reports and set up reports in the Google Analytics dashboard. Google Analytics has been helping marketers understand what visitors value and how they interact with their businesses since its launch in 2006. It also helps brands measure their ROI on digital marketing strategies by showing which content, features and channels drive the most traffic.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a direct marketing channel that allows businesses to engage with customers on their contact list. Email marketing is a great way of getting your message across, but it can be time consuming and expensive to create an effective strategy. Luckily, there are many tools available these days that allow you to create timely and targeted emails for your consumers. You can use email marketing to share news about new products, sales or updates with customers.

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Advanced Digital Marketing Course Content

  • Traditional Marketing
  • What is Digital Marketing
  • Importance of digital marketing
  • Digital marketing channels
  • Opportunities in Digital Marketing
  • Strategies in digital marketing
  • How Search Works (Introduction)
  • What is SERP (Search Engine Results Pages)
  • Job of A Search Engine
  • What are Data centers
  • What is indexing
  • What are Spiders, crawlers, or Bots
  • White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO
  • Keyword importance
  • Keyword Density
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Types
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Primary Keywords
  • What is Backlinks
  • Quality vs Quantity
  • Local & Off Page SEO Techniques
  • Directory Submission
  • Press Release
  • Social bookmarking
  • Article submission & Forum
  • META TAGS Optimization
  • Title & Description Tag
  • Canonical Tag
  • Content optimization
  • Headers (H1, H2...H6)
  • URL Structure
  • Image SEO
  • Internal & External Link
  • Website Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Duplicate Checker
  • DA Checker & Speed Test
  • Mobile-Friendlyly Test
  • Spinbo
  1. Introduction
    • What is google Ads
    • Why Google Ads
    • Ads Vs Organic
    • Google Ads Dashboard Creation
    • Dashboard Overview
    • Keyword Planne
  2. Key Terms
    • CPC - Cost Per Click
    • CPA - Cost Per Acquisition
    • CTR - Click Through Rate
    • CPV - Cost Per View
    • CPM - Cost Per Thousand Impressions
    • Bidding Strategies
    • Budget
    • Audience
  3. Types of ads Campaign
    • Search Ads
    • Display Ads
    • Video Ads
    • App Promotion
    • Shopping Ads
    • Remarketing
  4. Google Ads Levels (hierarchy)
    • Account
    • Campaign
    • Ad Groups
    • Sitelinks
    • Keywords
    • Ads
  5. Quality Score
    • What is Quality Score
    • Importance of Quality Score
    • CTR - Click Through Rate
    • Landing Page
    • Ad relevance
  1. Introduction
    • What is Social media
    • Importance of Social Media
    • Platforms
  2. Twitter
    • Create Business Profile
    • Business settings & List Creation
    • Post Optimization, Hashtags & Trends
    • Twitter Ads Dashboard
    • Goal Setup & Website Visit
    • Video Views & Audience
    • Budget & Creative
  3. Facebook
    • Introduction to Facebook
    • Audience
    • Create a page & Create Group
    • Create events & Types of post
    • Page Setting
    • Case study of big brands
    • Facebook Ads Dashboard
    • Goal Setup & Lead generation
    • Website Traffic & Whatsapp Ad
    • Page Likes & Messenger Ad
    • Audience, Budget & Creatives
  4. YouTube
    • Organic & Create Channel
    • Video Upload & Youtube SEO
    • Title Optimisation & Description & Tags
    • Playlist & Thumbnail
    • Cards, End Screen & Schedule
    • Video Ads & Audience
    • Keyword & Content Targeting
    • Content Exclusion Budget
    • Skip ads & non-skip ads
  5. Instagram
    • Create Professional Account
    • Profile Setting & Types of Post
    • Stories & Reels
    • Hashtags, Post Format & Insights
    • Instagram Ads Dashboard
    • Goal Setup & Profile Visit
    • Website Traffic & Direct message
    • Audience & Budget
    • Creatives, Call to Action & Reporting
  6. Whatsapp Marketing
    • Whatsapp vs Business Whatsapp
    • Benefits of Whatsapp Business Account
    • Creating Business Account
    • Setting up a business profile
    • Catalog management
    • Greeting messages & Quick reply
  7. Linkedin
    • Organic & Profile Optimization
    • Create Business Page
    • Page Settings, Page roles & Job search
    • Linkedin Ads Dashboard
    • Goal Setup & Website traffic
    • Lead & Video views
    • Spotlight & Audience
    • Budget & Creatives
  • Introduction
  • What is google analytics
  • Why Google analytics
  • Google Analytics Dashboard Creation
  • Connecting Demo Account
  • Audience & Visitor Information
  • Age, Gender & Location
  • Device, Network & Sessions
  • Bounce Rate
  • Account Linking
  • Google Ads & Search Console
  • Other Google Products
  • Elements of Landing Page
  • Elements of Landing Page
  • Converting leads into sale
  • Landing page design & Color combination
  • Image placements
  • WordPress plugin for landing page
  • Introduction Video
  • What is blogging & Niche selection
  • Creating blog site & Adding categories
  • Creating Post & Blog SEO
  • Analytics & How to do affiliate
  • Adding media & Content optimization
  • How to Generate Traffic & Blog Monetization
  • CTA Placements & Optimization
  • Best Bloggers (Case Studies)
  • Search Console or Webmaster Tool
  • Introduction
  • What is CMS
  • Website Types
  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Wordpress Dashboard
  • Creating pages
  • Post Creation
  • Categories
  • Adding Media
  • Customization
  • Homepage setting
  • Themes
  • Menu & Linking Pages to menu
  • Plugins, Widgets & Sidebar
  • Introduction
  • What is Search Console
  • Importance Of Search Console
  • Search Console Dashboard
  • Account setup
  • Metrics & Data
  • Organic Reports
  • Keywords Ranking Report
  • Sitemap Check
  • Robots.txt File
  • Country Setup
  • Crawl Check & Fetching
  • Webpage live indexing
  • Security checkup
  • How to earn online & Affiliate Introduction
  • How to do Affiliate & Reports Analysis
  • Amazon Affiliate setup
  • Generating affiliate links & Methods
  • Affiliate Marketing Tools
  • How To Track Reports
  • Best Affiliate Sites
  • Introduction to Email marketing
  • Why Email marketing
  • Email Marketing Tools (Mailchimp, Sendgrid etc)
  • Types of Email & List Creation
  • Template Creation & Campaign Setup
  • Subject Line Importance
  • A&B Testing, Scheduling & Reports
  • Introduction To GMB
  • Listing Business & Reviews
  • Creating Post & Images
  • Business Hours & Verification Process
  • Adding multiple business
  • Creating Canva account
  • Choosing from Templates
  • Selecting custom size
  • Social media post & Customize Design
  • Adding Images & Texts
  • Tools Selections
  • Working on Blank Canvas
  • About Quora
  • Importance of Quora
  • Setting Up Quora Account
  • Finding right questions
  • Writing perfect marketing answer
  • Quora Ads, Goals & Conversion
  • App Install, Traffic & Awareness
  • Lead Generation & Reports & Analysis
  • Understanding Remarketing
  • Remarketing with google ads
  • Creating Remarketing Audience
  • Website visitors
  • How to target Audience
  • Lifecycle of Remarketing list
  • Frequency of Ads
  • Choosing right influencers
  • Creating pitch for marketing
  • Creating campaigns
  • Budget & Reports


Digital marketing is the promotion of a product and its services to drive sales through online marketing.

Social media channels allow users to engage with brands and each other. A strong social media marketing strategy will help you engage your target audience, generate leads and increase brand awareness.

Search engine marketing (SEM) seeks to increase the number of people who visit a website by making search engine results more relevant to their needs.

SEO is the process of optimizing content for search engines, which includes creating a unique title tag and description for your site.

On-page SEO (also known as on-site optimization) is the process of creating, editing, and managing the content of websites. Off-Page SEO refers to all efforts made outside of a website, including email marketing campaigns and social media Platforms.